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Arizona State University Student Health Services
Project Type:
Education, Health Care Clinic
Project Location:
451 East University Drive
Tempe, Arizona 85287
Project Scope:
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2014 Top Ten
Design Features:
Thermal Bridging, Increased Thermal Barriers, High-Efficiency Mechanical Systems, Strategically Located and High-Performance Glazing, Daylighting, Solar Orientation, Multiple-Zone Recirculating Systems, Rainwater Harvesting, Occupancy Sensors, VAV Systems, Regional Materials
Project Summary:
The 34,000-square-foot Arizona State University Health Services Building (ASU HSB) is an adaptive reuse project that transformed the existing sterile and inefficient health clinic into a clearly organized, efficient, and welcoming facility. The design imbues the new facility with a sense of health and wellness that leverages Tempe’s natural environment and contributes to a more cohesive pedestrian-oriented campus. The renovated facility, the new wing, and the entrance pavilion energize the surrounding campus by engaging the historic Palm Walk—the campus’s main pedestrian spine.

The project entailed the demolition of approximately 15,000 square feet of inefficient single-story facility, the renovation of 14,000 square feet of existing two-story structure containing administrative support, labs, wellness programs, and the addition of a new 20,000-square-foot two-story wing containing campus health clinics. In terms of both energy and campus engagement, the design transformed the existing under performing health facility into an engaging and vibrant facility that is one of the best energy performers on campus as evidenced by ASU’s Campus Metabolism, an interactive web tool tracking real-time resource use. The LEED-Platinum building’s energy performance is 49% below ASHRAE 90.1-2007, exceeding the current target of the 2030 Challenge.

(Source: AIA COTE 2014)
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Design and Construction Team:
Lake | Flato
orcutt | winslow
Associate Architect
Okland Construction
General Contractor
Caruso Turley Scott Inc.
Structural Engineer
Quest Energy Group
Energy Modeler
Bill Timmerman
Bill Timmerman
Bill Timmerman, Lake | Flato
Lake | Flato
Lake | Flato, orcutt | Wilson
Lake | Flato
Lake | Flato