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The Cyril tiny home has space for everything — including the cats
El Segundo, California, USA
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Dawn Hammon
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Build Tiny Limited
Tiny houses are intended to feel cozy, so when clients Summer and Jason told the designers at Build Tiny that their house couldn’t be a home without space for their two rescue cats, the team worked the couple’s needs into the design.

The Cyril tiny house, a project name inspired by Summer’s grandfather’s love of tiny homes, was originally going to be a labor of love for the couple themselves. However, once working on the details with Build Tiny, they decided to have the company take over the building process. The clients did contribute heavily to the 13-plus revisions and are thrilled with the end result. “Living in Cyril is like being on holiday every day,” Summer and Jason said. “We couldn’t be happier with what the team has built for us and will always remain friends and fans of the company.”

Cyril is a two-story tiny house with plenty of space for an office, full kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room stuffed with few material possessions and a ton of amenities. Bamboo countertops, room for a washing machine and copious cabinetry in the kitchen appropriately take center stage in the middle of the tiny house. This area also connects to an outdoor dining counter through a fully-retractable passthrough window.

Above the sitting area is a loft bedroom with a queen bed, cubicle and drawer storage on both sides, plus enough room to stand up. Across the tiny home, a loft office has a wall-to-wall desktop and chairs perched in front of a long window. Between the two spaces, the two cats can explore wall-mounted ramps at varying levels. The bathroom also accounts for the kitties, leaving room for a litter box amongst the various storage shelving and drawers.

In addition to creating a welcoming space for the two-human, two-feline family, the goal was to use sustainable materials and systems. In alignment with that goal, solar panels produce enough power for the Cyril tiny house, and battery storage (tucked inside the sides of the home near the bathroom) holds any excess power that is produced. Another energy-efficient addition is the dome surrounding the shower, which holds in heat. The Natureshead composting toilet reduces water consumption. A gas water heater provides hot water, and there are plans to add a small fireplace to the living room, too.

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