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These 10 Tiny Homes Make a Huge Case for the Small Space
San Francisco, California, USA
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Greg Parham
In her new book “Living Little,” writer and editor Hannah Jenkins counts the ways—and the reasons why—we’re drawn to small spaces.

Tiny homes, trailers, rooftop apartments, and prefab cabins—the typologies may vary, but together they represent a growing trend toward a simpler, smaller way of living. The motivations to downsize are many, says Living Little author Hannah Jenkins—and they include the high cost of urban areas, and the desire to live affordably on one’s own. But one thing’s for sure—"It most certainly does not mean we have to compromise on design and quality of life," she writes. Read on for a peek at just a few homes from the book that prove you can live large with a small footprint.

A Barcelona Apartment With an Inner Courtyard

Dark, disconnected from the outside world, and heavily partitioned, this once-dingy apartment is now unrecognizable thanks to great design. Located in a charming old building amid narrow, leaf-strewn streets in Barcelona’s Gracia district, the apartment has been transformed by YLAB Arquitectos into a free-flowing, contemporary, and tastefully eclectic holiday home. The courtyard—undoubtedly the property’s best feature—floods the interior with natural light, and the owners sought to capitalize on this valuable aspect in the home’s refurbishment. The heart of the design involved reviving the previously static inner courtyard and transforming it into a semiexterior garden. Dotted with a selection of custom planters, it imparts vibrant greenery to the space and connects the dwelling with nature and the outside.

A Winsome Tiny Home in Colorado

High in the Colorado mountains, this completely off-grid home cleverly fuses art and functionality. Home to a young couple and their two dogs, the eye-catching dwelling showcases the impeccable craftsmanship and creative flair of its occupants. Greg and Stephanie Parham built San Juan Tiny House to include a wavy roof, an angled front prowl, barn wood siding arranged like the rays of the sun, blue ombré shakes on the rear wall, reclaimed materials throughout, and a collapsible front porch, which features a fold-up deck and fold-down awning. On the inside, clever solutions maximize square feet and storage.

A Tiny Pine-Wrapped Apartment in France

Defined by an abundance of warm timber accents and an overall sense of intrigue, the aptly named Pine Flat residence by architecture firm A6A resides inconspicuously on the top floor of a 19th-century building. Inside, platforms, partitions, doors, and storage stitched together by plywood installations contrast the white, loft-style ceiling. Adding to the apartment’s congenial feel are heightened windows on the west side, which bathe the space in natural light while also offering views.