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'Tiny Loft One' is a Modern Micro-Home With a Big Bathtub
Brooklyn, New York, USA
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Kimberley Mok
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Measuring 265 square feet, this tiny house from Germany has a compact kitchen and an enormous bathroom (with a full-sized bathtub)!

Like the people who create them, each tiny house is a unique creation, often designed to carefully respond to the varying needs of its inhabitants. Some are built by college students testing out a mortgage-free lifestyle, while others are constructed for empty nesters looking to downsize after their children leave home. There's also a good number of smaller-sized homes built by those simply looking to consciously ditch the wasteful, over-consumerist way of life, and to find a way around the unaffordable housing market and get out of the so-called "rent trap."

And like the diverse multitudes of people they house, tiny homes come in all kinds of styles, whether that's of the more rustic bent, or of the ultra-modern flavor. Coming from Germany, Tiny Lofts is one tiny house builder that manages to mix these two polar opposites (and even add a tiny touch of luxury) in their latest model, the 265-square-foot Tiny Loft One.

From the outside, we see that the Tiny Loft One boasts a modernist look, thanks to its metal cladding from top to bottom, and its simple but bold gabled form. However, these modern, more industrial elements are balanced with the more traditional materials of cedar shingling that covers the entry and rear facades – a nice, contrasting touch.

We love how firewood storage has been incorporated into the frame around the entrance door – making it not only convenient to grab some wood when needed, but also adding an intriguing visual component.

Once inside, we see that the layout is quite different from the "typical" tiny house that might have its kitchen situated along the length of the house. In the Tiny Loft One, the kitchen is located on the short side of the house, right up against the residual spaces left by the entry corridor.

It's a departure from the oft-used layout of the kitchen "work triangle" that attempts to minimize the amount of movement and effort needed to go between stove, sink, and refrigerator – admittedly, it really does reduce the amount of space that this kitchen occupies.

In any case, everything is well-lit, there's plenty of wall-hung shelving and cabinetry to store kitchen appliances, and utensils and chairs are hung off the walls to maximize space. The addition of a fold-down dining table helps to clear off some extra floor area too.

Above the kitchen, we see a secondary loft that can be used for even more storage, or as an option, with a larger mezzanine built to accommodate a guest or for work.

The living room evokes a balance between modernity and homey rusticity, and feels open and airy, thanks to the high ceiling, and the huge patio doors leading out to the outdoor deck.

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