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10 Staircases That Bring the Drama
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Kristie Garrell
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Lisa Cohen/Living Inside
Nothing makes a statement in the home quite like a staircase. The following ten stairways take design to the next level.

1. Firms Join Forces to Give Organic Form to a Family Villa in Melbourne
All four bedrooms are upstairs, while the main living areas—which include a formal living room, formal and casual dining areas, a large kitchen, and a sunken family room—occupy the ground floor. Within that general division, the design unfolds as a series of zones, pivoting around a sinuous staircase that curves upward in two sections.

2. Sabo Project Renovates a Paris Duplex Apartment Perfect for a Family and a Feline
Connecting the two floors of the duplex is a redesigned spiral staircase that Delaunay enclosed with slats of the plywood, spaced near enough together so no human or animal can slip through. A hinged gate at the top blocks the cat from the bedrooms while giving him run of the open-plan kitchen, dining, and living areas.

3. Espoo Residence by R2K Architectes
A radio chat in which Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismäki posited that storytelling originated with humans gathering around the fire to eat, drink, and share tales inspired architect Olavi Koponen’s spiraling house, which winds around a central concrete fireplace—the heart and hearth of the home. Aspen shingles clad the interior, larch the exterior; and the whole is dubbed Kotilo, which translates to “conch shell.”

4. +Arquitectos and Gubbins Polidura Arquitectos Create Weekend Retreat in Chile
Under an oculus at the center of a light-filled pavilion, a graceful spiral stair leads down to enclosed private spaces below. Compared to the public floor, whose modish curves and sunken pits are a cheerful, witty throwback to 1960s futurism, the lower level is almost monastic.

5. Massimo Giorgetti’s Seaside House in Italy Gets a Yachtlike Renovation by Storagemilano
At the “stern” of the kitchen, a teak-clad half wall conceals a narrow companionway bifurcated by a tiny landing: The steps on the left lead up to a balcony just big enough to fit a sofa and flat-screen TV; those on the right lead down to a bathroom and the master suite. The treads of the staircase are trapezoid in shape, creating a beguiling zigzag effect that’s heightened with LED underlighting.