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20 Interior Design Companies Employees Love Working For
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Which interior design companies are the best to work for? AD PRO breaks down the firms with the highest Glassdoor ratings

What makes some interior design companies better to work for than others? Is it the nature of the design work, the firm’s high-profile clients, and the opportunity for upward mobility? Or is it the parental leave policy, travel opportunities, and office amenities? All of these factors and more contribute to why workers love being employed at certain interior design firms. AD PRO scoured reviews on Glassdoor, a website that asks reviewers to rate organizations from one to five stars, to find out which interior design companies stand out. Of course, a lot of the big guys made the list—the design giants we all know. But a few smaller firms, and several outside of bicoastal metropolises like New York and San Francisco ranked highly as well. AD PRO distills the results for you here, in alphabetical order.

Editor's note: All quotations are taken from Glassdoor reviews. The ratings reflect the company's Glassdoor score at the time of publication.

BSA LifeStructures
What: 4.8 stars
Where: Indianapolis, with five other U.S. offices
Why: Employees feel recognized for their worth at this 40-year old multidisciplinary architecture, engineering, interior design, and planning firm. “Team members are respectful and helpful to one another. They emphasize good design, celebrate individuals' strengths, and provide technology that allows for flexibility,” a review states. A small-firm mentality with large-firm resources, BSA offers “great opportunities for design with purpose.” Workers feel that the company “really values intentional design work for healing, learning, and discovery spaces.” BSA has a fantastic culture that promotes flexibility, community, and hard work, says one employee, who’s worked at the firm for four years and adds, “They have shown that they want me to progress individually by being supportive of continuing education and certification testing. I appreciate the flexibility that BSA provides to accomplish all my work and life goals.”

CBRE | Heery
What: 3.9 stars
Where: Atlanta, plus 22 additional offices nationwide
Why: A full-service firm offering architecture, interior design, engineering, construction management, and program management, CBRE | Heery has a diverse portfolio of projects across sectors. The company culture is family-oriented with “homegrown talent.” “Leadership grew up in the company, so they're in touch with the workforce,” a reviewer says. Employees feel taken care of: “I always felt the company had my best intentions in mind,” one says. “Management really cares about you as an individual. They give you the chance to grow.” In terms of benefits, Heery provides “great employer contributions in paid benefits and paid time off designations; [the] 401(k) match is above average in the industry.”

CBT Architects
What: 4.1 stars
Where: Boston, with an office in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Why: “It feels like a family” at this small architecture, interior design, and urban planning firm, whose leadership is known for investing in its people. “The environment allows you to grow, all team members attend meetings, and everyone's opinion matters. Within departments, there is a lot of collaboration and idea sharing, rolls are clearly defined, and there’s not too much overtime,” one staffer writes. Employees at CBT also love the caliber of the work and the opportunity to participate on projects of all stripes. And “everyone is friendly, has a positive attitude, and makes an effort to create a congenial atmosphere,” which is fostered with a casual dress code, flexible work schedule, and encouragement to take advantage of vacation time.

What: 4.1 stars
Where: Dallas, with nine additional U.S. locations, plus offices in Singapore and London
Why: Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? That’s one perk of the many that Corgan offers, including generous health benefits and parental leave (fathers and mothers are entitled to a three-month leave), a flexible work-from-home policy, a company-matching 401(k) plan, and stock options. Employees say they love that at Corgan: “Everyone helps everyone. Teamwork is evident, and the culture is something that wraps around you from your first day here. Leadership listens and appreciates you.” Plus, you get